Fancy bearded dragon price tag

Which bearded dragon is right for you? Standard, premium, or a morph? Fancy bearded dragons and other options cost more. Are they worth it?

Bearded dragon at a urinal

Don’t be embarrassed, this is a common question that ALL bearded dragon owners ask at least once! The very weird answer might surprise you!

Two bearded dragons

Do bearded dragons get lonely? By themselves in their tanks with nothing to do and no new scenery to look at, it’s easy to wonder if your beardie is lonely!

bearded dragon and dog get along

The honest answer to whether or not your bearded dragon will get along with other household pets might surprise you. Read this before any introductions!

Bearded dragon with black beard

Ever wondered why your beardie turns its beard black sometimes? The answer is surprisingly simple!

Is your bearded dragon sitting in its basking spot with its mouth open? If you’ve ever wondered why they do this, we have the answer!

Bearded dragons are the third most popular housepet after dogs and cats. But that doesn’t mean they are the right pet for you… Or are they?

fall color

Bearded dragons in their native habitat (the hot, arid regions of Australia) spend their entire lives outdoors. When we build them homes in which to live their lives in captivity, we should always do what we can to simulate their native environment.  As good beardie parents, we will always do what we can. We set … Read more

Taking your bearded dragon outside can be a fun and beneficial experience for both you and your beardie. With just a few precautions, this is both safe and easy to do. We wrote a complete guide to spending time outside with your bearded dragon that you can see here. But the number one rule we … Read more

Dogs love belly rubs. Cats like to sleep in your lap. Even pet goats, rabbits, and hamsters show obvious affection to their owners. But what about bearded dragons? Do our scaly little friends like being held? Do they enjoy it when their owners hold and pet them? Even though they are solitary animals, most bearded … Read more

One of the most interesting things about owning a bearded dragon is watching them shed their skin. This will happen many times over their lifespan, and it never gets tiring to watch the transformation! Off comes the old skin, and it grows the new, soft, and often more colorful skin. The fascinating part isn’t that … Read more

When talking about reptiles of any kind, “Are they poisonous?” is a very common question. This is especially true when talking about reptiles being kept as pets. Most people want no part of handling a poisonous animal, much less keeping one as a pet. So it’s no surprise how often we get asked about our … Read more

If you are new to bearded dragons but have had other pets, brumation can be a weird and sometimes scary time. If your dog crawled under your bed and went to sleep for 3 months, you’d worry, right? Well, that’s exactly what your beardie might do! And unlike your dog, it would be perfectly natural! … Read more

“Do they bite” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get about bearded dragons. While we answered that question in detail in an article you can see here, the key to preventing bites is knowing how to properly handle your beardie. New owners especially tend to make lots of mistakes here. We certainly … Read more

In another article, we outlined the 12 essential things that all bearded dragons need. These essentials are the minimum for keeping a happy and healthy bearded dragon as a pet, but what about those of us that don’t want just the minimum for our beardie? Your beardie will spend the majority of its life in … Read more

Oh. My. God. WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?!? If you are a beardie owner, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Our loveable little dragons can take some mean-smelling dumps. Not only that, the runny piles they leave are a pain to clean up. If only they could be potty trained! Well, they can! It is … Read more

One of the nice things about having a bearded dragon as a pet is that they are relatively low maintenance. Much more so than common household pets like dogs and cats. Once a day is usually all your beardie will need your attention. But what if you need to leave them alone for longer than … Read more

It’s bound to happen. You are going to run into a situation where you need to take your beardie somewhere. Whether it’s to the vet, to have them boarded, or on an extended trip, you are going to have to travel with your beardie at some point in time. That leaves you with the question … Read more

Pets are a commitment of both your time and your money. You will owe them at least a little bit of your day for the entirety of their lives. You will also have an upfront investment and a continuing investment the whole time you have your pet. This is true for all pets, including bearded … Read more

One of the first questions that both adults and children ask about a new pet is, “how long will it live?”. Adults often want to know the commitment level involved in bringing home and caring for another living being. Kids just want to know their new buddy is going to be around for a while. … Read more

When we went to visit our rescue beardie, Bacardi, for the first time, there were several other bearded dragons there as well. Bacardi was sharing a small enclosure with another rather aggressive beardie. She was, and still is, very small for her age. Across the room was Pancake. Pancake was a beast of a male … Read more

When people hear the word “dragon”, it immediately conjures up visions of fire and teeth and epic HBO tv shows. So it’s natural that one of the first questions prospective bearded dragon owners ask is “do they bite?”. While bearded dragons can bite, they rarely do unless provoked. Bearded dragons are generally docile animals and … Read more