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BeardieBungalow Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to BeardieBungalow, your trusted source for comprehensive information on bearded dragon husbandry, with a particular focus on behavior and nutrition. Our commitment to you is to offer open and honest guidance in the world of reptile care.

What Are Affiliate Links?

In our dedication to delivering valuable content and resources, we incorporate affiliate links. These links serve as our way of recommending products that we believe can enhance your bearded dragon’s well-being. Importantly, clicking on these links does not influence the price you pay for any of the products.

Affiliate Programs and Their Relevance

We’re highly discerning when it comes to selecting affiliate programs, ensuring they align seamlessly with our mission of providing top-notch care guidance for your beloved bearded dragons. Our primary affiliate partner, the Amazon Associates Program, offers an extensive range of products within our niche, guaranteeing swift and efficient deliveries, often at the most competitive prices.

Transparent Earnings Disclaimer

Transparency is a pillar of our approach. It’s important to note that we earn a commission when you make purchases through our affiliate links. However, we want to underscore that this commission does not impact the price you pay for products. Our top priority is to provide you with open and honest insights.

As an Amazon affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Commitment to Honest Reviews

Our reviews are a reflection of our commitment to integrity. We only offer positive reviews for products that meet our rigorous standards. If a product falls short, we will candidly communicate this to you. We purchase, use, and retain all the products we review and recommend as regular customers, ensuring we can vouch for the quality of the experience. Within each product category, there is no financial incentive to recommend anything but the best.

Privacy Considerations

We understand the importance of your privacy. When you utilize affiliate links on our website, please rest assured that your privacy remains safeguarded. For a more detailed insight into our privacy practices, we encourage you to refer to our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Invitation to Contact

Your questions and concerns matter to us, just as they would to a close friend. If you have inquiries or need further clarification regarding our affiliate disclosure or any aspect of bearded dragon care, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you.

Clear Disclosure Location

Our affiliate disclosure is conveniently located in the footer of every page on our site, ensuring that transparency remains at the forefront of our interactions with you.

Consistent Tone and Language

In this disclosure, our language mirrors the open, honest, and straightforward tone of the rest of our website. We aim to explain complex topics in a manner that is accessible to all, just like a trusted friend would.

Adherence to Program and FTC Requirements

Our commitment extends to meeting the requirements of all relevant affiliate programs, not just Amazon Associates. This ensures that we consistently provide you with dependable and trustworthy information.

Thank you for being a part of the BeardieBungalow community. Your trust and support empower us to continue delivering valuable content and guidance for the well-being of your cherished bearded dragons.

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