Giving a bearded dragon oral medication

You will likely have to give your bearded dragon oral medication at some point in their life. Pets get sick, and beardies are no exception. Follow this step by step video guide if you need to give your beardie oral meds.

One of the most interesting things about owning a bearded dragon is watching them shed their skin. This will happen many times over their lifespan, and it never gets tiring to watch the transformation! Off comes the old skin, and it grows the new, soft, and often more colorful skin. The fascinating part isn’t that … Read more

Whenever someone gets a new bearded dragon, there are some standard pieces of advice that all pet stores and breeders will give. They’ll almost certainly tell you about the substrate, diet, supplements, regular baths, and how to set up your enclosure. What they probably won’t tell you is anything about your new beardie’s femoral pores. … Read more

If you are new to bearded dragons but have had other pets, brumation can be a weird and sometimes scary time. If your dog crawled under your bed and went to sleep for 3 months, you’d worry, right? Well, that’s exactly what your beardie might do! And unlike your dog, it would be perfectly natural! … Read more

As your bearded dragon ages, it will gain both weight and strength. At some point, your easy-to-hold beardie will become quite poky. Its spikes will start to be stiff and sharp, Its nails will turn into little needle-tipped talons capable of piercing your skin. That’s when you realize that regular nail trimming will be needed. … Read more

bearded dragon supplements

Supplement. That word can evoke strong reactions among some people. For humans, the supplement industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar behemoth full of hucksters and charlatans. That is one of the many possible reasons that some bearded dragon owners dismiss the importance of buying supplements for their beardies. Whether it’s a complete lack of … Read more

One of the many things we love about owning a bearded dragon is that they are very hardy animals. Get a few things right and they are happy and healthy and overall great pets. So when Bacardi, our beardie, hadn’t pooped for a few days, we started to get worried. One of the few health … Read more

As a previous dog and cat owner, yearly trips to the vet were a normal thing. We assumed that would be the same for our new bearded dragon, and we were surprised at the number of beardie owners who disagreed with this. Opinions online varied from never to every 4 months and everywhere in between. … Read more

bearded dragon in bath

One of the very first things I learned about bearded dragons is that every one of them is different. Their behavior and needs vary wildly from one to the next. Because of this, it can be hard to find good answers about them on the internet. Lots of people can tell you what works for … Read more

Basking spot for a bearded dragon

I live near Chicago, and I’m not the biggest fan of the cold we get in the winter. But at least I can put on a coat. As cool as I think it would be if my bearded dragon, Bacardi, could put on a coat when she’s cold, it wouldn’t actually do her any good. … Read more