Bearded dragon over a salad

“My bearded dragon won’t eat their greens/veggies” is one of the most commonly asked questions by bearded dragon owners. Here’s what to do.

Bearded dragon looking at lettuce

Can bearded dragons eat lettuce? The internet seems to disagree about this answer, but we think it’s pretty straightforward.

When it’s time to give your beardie their bugs to eat, where is the best place to do that? Just throw the critters in the tank or something else?

What you feed your bearded dragon will be one of the most significant decisions you will make as a beardie owner. Unlike a dog or cat, where you simply go to the pet store and buy them a bag of food, beardies need a mix of greens and insect protein sources to be healthy. We … Read more

Bearded dragons are picky eaters. Ours is no exception, especially when it comes to getting her to eat her veggies. Whenever we find something she actually likes and will eagerly eat, it’s always a good day! So when we found out that Bacardi, our beardie, looooooooooved carrots, we got excited! We started adding carrots to … Read more

By far, the single most Googled question about bearded dragons is, “can they eat (insert food here)?” Google does a nice job of finding the answer for you, but the answers can vary wildly. Sometimes you get a nice, easy yes or no. Other times you get overwhelmed with calcium content numbers and ramblings about … Read more


Imagine eating the same thing every day. The exact. Same. Thing. Even if it was your favorite food, you’d eventually grow to hate it. Pizza… Again?!?!? Not only would you start to dislike whatever your food of choice was, but you would also pretty quickly start to see nutritional deficiencies as well. As humans, we … Read more

bearded dragon supplements

Supplement. That word can evoke strong reactions among some people. For humans, the supplement industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar behemoth full of hucksters and charlatans. That is one of the many possible reasons that some bearded dragon owners dismiss the importance of buying supplements for their beardies. Whether it’s a complete lack of … Read more

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, and this article does not replace the advice given by a qualified vet. The aim of this article is to bring more awareness to a common health issue experienced by bearded dragon owners. This information should be used only as a reference tool and should not be used in place … Read more

Figuring out what to feed your bearded dragon can be one of the biggest challenges in keeping them healthy and happy. One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of feeding is food size. Food that is too large can be dangerous and even lethal to a bearded dragon. It is not safe to feed … Read more

One of the most important things about owning any animal is feeding it a healthy and appropriate diet. For cats and dogs, that’s pretty easy. When it comes to bearded dragons, it gets a little more complex. What’s better for your beardie, crickets, or roaches? To see all the foods you can and can’t feed … Read more