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Beardie Bungalow is written and produced by Tim Steward and Cassidy Andracki.

Tim and Cassidy have over 55 years of combined experience as pet owners. They’ve owned multiple dogs, cats, fish, rodents, and reptiles. Between them, they have over 10 years of experience owning and loving bearded dragons.

Their current beardie, Bacardi, was rescued from Harper College in Illinois in 2018. Bacardi has been a challenge as she was kept with another aggressive bearded dragon and came to Tim and Cassidy with several serious health issues.

Countless visits with vets, breeders, shop owners, and even an environmental biologist have given Tim and Cassidy a deep level of knowledge as to what it takes to raise a happy, healthy bearded dragon.

All of the information here on BeardieBungalow comes from that experience.

Tim is the primary writer for the site, while Cassidy takes on editing and beardie mom duties.

If they aren’t sure about something, they always refer to what they call their “board of directors”. This is a network of professionals that they consult whenever there is an issue or article they aren’t sure of. This board of directors includes, but is not limited to:

Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital. – After trying many other vets, we struck gold with Chicago Exotics!

Melissa Giese, DVM, and Susan Horton, DVM– Two doctors we see regularly at Chicago Exotics. Cassidy has a great relationship with them.

Allison at Curious Creatures – Our go-to source for any questions related to husbandry and breeding.

Dr. Jason Olech – He saved Bacardi’s life… Twice. Dr. Olech operated a mobile exotics clinic when we got Bacardi and was at our home late into the night on two separate occasions. Thanks, Dr. Olech!

Tim Steward with Bacardi
Tim and Bacardi hanging out.
Cassidy with Bacardi the day we adopted her!

Tim Steward | Beardie Bungalow

Tim has been a pet owner for over 40 years and a bearded dragon owner for over 5. An animal lover his entire life, Tim writes BeardieBungalow to help others raise happy, healthy bearded dragons. Cuz those are the best kind!

Email: tim@beardiebungalow.com

Address: 489 S Litchfield Dr., Round Lake, IL, 60073, United States

Gender: Male

Job Title: Owner | Head Writer

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