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Welcome to BeardieBungalow.com, your go-to source for bearded dragon information. From tank setup to nutrition to health and care issues, we are here to help you raise a happy & healthy bearded dragon!

Our Mission

Our mission at BeardiBungalow.com is to help both new and experienced bearded dragon owners give their beardie the best life possible by giving clear, simple, and accurate answers to all of your bearded dragon questions.

We do this by combining extensive research, years of personal experience, and a team of trusted advisors to bring you fact-based, real-world answers to all of your bearded dragon questions.

Our Story

Cassidy with Bacardi the bearded dragon
Cassidy the day we adopted Bacardi, look how small Bacardi is at almost 2 years old!

BeardieBungalow.com was created when our founder, Tim Steward, and his girlfriend, Cassidy, rescued their most recent beardie family member, Bacardi. Lifelong pet owners, and with over 10 years of experience with bearded dragons, Bacardi presented a challenge they had not faced before.

Bacardi had been kept in an enclosure with another much larger and more aggressive bearded dragon. She was significantly undernourished and had sustained major injuries to her head, eye, and jaw.

After assembling a team of advisors to help them with Bacardi’s issues, they quickly realized that what experienced vets and breeders gave as advice differed drastically from what they found online.

As a highly experienced online publisher and bearded dragon owner, Tim realized there was a need for a better resource for beardie owners. Not everyone would be able to spend the time they had sourcing expert information. There needed to be a bearded dragon website created by caring beardie parents for caring beardie parents.

Today, BeardieBungalow.com serves over 1,000 unique visitors every day who rely on Beardie Bungalow for all of their bearded dragon questions and concerns.

Who We Are

We are bearded dragon parents and pet owners first and foremost. With no human children, our pets are our kids (as many other pet parents can relate!).

We ensure that our content and advice here on BeardieBungalow.com is evidence-based and verified by personal experience as well as expert opinions. We do this through a combination of extensive research (we always cite our scientific sources in each article) as well as consulting what we call our “Board of Beardie Advisors”.

Our “Board of Beardie Advisors”

We want to be clear that none of these people write or edit articles here on Beardie Bungalow. Instead, these are the people we consult with when we need help with Bacardi (or other bearded dragons in our care).

We include them here because if you live in the Chicagoland area as we do, they are invaluable people to contact with questions, concerns, and veterinary needs. We recommend each of them strongly to anyone looking for help caring for their bearded dragon!

We also want to thank each of them for the help and advice they’ve given us over the years. Several of them have literally helped to save Bacardi’s life multiple times! Their advice and guidance have inspired every article on this site.

Chicago Exotics vet clinic

Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital

After trying many other vets, we struck gold with Chicago Exotics! We will NEVER go to another vet again!

3757 Dempster St, Skokie, IL, United States, Illinois

(847) 329-8709


Melissa Giese, DVM

Melissa Giese, DVM

One of the two docs that Bacardi sees at Chicago Exotics.

Patient and kind, we love Dr. Giese!

Learn more.

Susan Horton, DVM

Dr. Horton took over care of Bacardi when things got very serious. It’s only with her help that Bacardi is alive today!

Dr. Horton is also the founder of Chicago Exotics.

Learn more.

Jason Olech, DVM

He saved Bacardi’s life… Twice. Dr. Olech operated a mobile exotics clinic when we got Bacardi and was at our home late into the night on two separate occasions. Thanks, Dr. Olech!

Noah’s Animal Hospital
414 S Main St.
Wheaton, IL 60187



Curious creatures logo

Allison at Curious Creatures

In our opinion, the best reptile store in Chicago! They are our go-to source for any questions related to husbandry and breeding.

Allison, the owner, is who we usually deal with. We board Bacardi there and she is awesome!!!

4131 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL, United States, Illinois

(773) 698-8333


Our Responsibility

At BeardieBungalow.com, we believe that bearded dragon owners have a right to accurate information. Our North Star is the health and quality of life of bearded dragons kept as pets, so we take the information we give here very seriously.

👉🏻 We only write evidence-based content. All of our claims are backed by scientific research that is referenced and cited in each article.

👉🏻 We call on our “board of advisors” regularly and relay their information to you in our articles.

👉🏻 We use only the highest quality and vetted sources to research our content.

👉🏻 We regularly update and revise articles as new information is available.

👉🏻 We are never afraid to go against common internet wisdom found on forums and Reddit when it is proven to be wrong by experts in the field or scholarly research.

While we use affiliate marketing to fund our site, commissions never impact or sway our opinions or product recommendations. We also refuse all sponsored and paid content so as to avoid any conflicts of interest.

We are firmly committed to ethical practices, animal welfare, and environmental concerns.

We avoid any brands or products known to associate with animal cruelty or unethical practices.

We are beardie parents first and foremost and are committed to making a difference, one happy beardie at a time!

What To Do Now?

If you are here, that means you are interested in making life as good as possible for your scaly little friend.

If that’s the case, you are in the right place! We’ve prepared every resource you’ll need for your bearded dragon:

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